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Masterpieces collection

A unique set of furnishings made in limited series, inspired directly by masterworks of cabinet making that have left their indelible mark on the history of European furniture.

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Every piece in the collection is made with the finest crafting techniques by highly specialized artisans, adopting ancient skills that are becoming increasingly uncommon.

The masterpieces collection’s exceptional value comes from its use of the special materials for its accessories and decorations that have become rare because of their great scarcity and difficulty of their procurement, the likes of mother-of-pearl and tortoiseshell. Masterpieces is a collection that brings the historic tradition, giving you the exclusive pleasure of owning a superior quality product that maintains its investment value over time.

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Every masterpiece is made in a numbered, limited series and comes with a certificate of authenticity and bears registration plaques to guarantee its origin and ownership.


Our catalogue includes eight pieces, inspired by different ages and styles: William, Biedermeier, Wallace, Hamilton, Fontainbleau, Cavour, Napoleon and Villa Serbelloni.

Contact us for more information: info@jumbogroup.it