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JCP Universe

Under the prism


The classic notion of reality changes under JCP’s prismatic forest: uncommon objects become vehicles of imagination, encouraging to go beyond mere appearances.


JCP Universe returns to the grounds of Rho Fiera with Under the Prism, an exhibition presenting new ways to perceive and experience objects. JCP aims to transform normality, creating unconventional objects for the sphere of contemporary living, in a fusion between art and design. The new artificers that have been selected to give life to JCP’s creations this year are Analogia Project, Gum Design, Debonademeo and Sovrappensiero, in addition to new projects by Samer Alameen, Sam Baron, Matteo Cibic and CTRLZAK. JCP aims to change the way people perceive objects making them see things under a new light. Not mere objects, but pieces that have a multitude of expressions stemming from their apparent identity. This year’s cosmic exhibition orchestrated by CTRLZAK becomes the nucleus for JCP’s new artifacts.