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IT LIST #03 by Livio Ballabio

The monthly selection by our Creative Director.
Pick and choose your luxe lifestyle, the one that brings you to life!

Ukiyo Details
Ukiyo 1

UKIYO central table
Jumbo Collection

An evocative name recalling the "images from the floating world" of the famous traditional Japanese prints, for an impressive piece of furniture distinguished by a peculiar composition that alternates veneered elements in frisé maple and tiles decorated through the use of gypsum as a support, in relief or engraved, and subsequent chromatic decoration, as in the famous traditional Chinese lacquers, but applied in this case to contemporary and linear shapes.

Central table with slide-out TV mechanism hidden in the top. Maple wood central table with panels decorated in relief plaster.

Grenada 2 Details
Grenada 2

GRENADA.2 small table
Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors

The experimentation in the use of materials is one of the distinctive features of the Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors brand. This is confirmed by the craftsmanship of the methacrylate from which this special artistic version originates, which involves the use of cast material for the creation of abstract designs. The cloud finish is in fact obtained by pouring the acrylic material in liquid state, to which are added colored pigments which are then mixed to obtain the cloudy effect. The result is fascinating and unprecedented, for pieces of furniture in perfect Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors style.

Plexiglass with artistic finish “cloud”. RC logo in melted brass available in platinum or golden finishing.

Doyle Details
Doyle 1

DOYLE articulated central table
Gianfranco Ferré Home

An original central table that combines sophisticated construction details with luxurious finishes. A versatile composition with moving arms that offer different possibilities of use. The elegant tops in Era Glaciale marble, of different heights and dimensions, can adapt to diversified needs creating a splendid game of balance and contrasts.

Articulated table. Structure in bronzed brass finishing. Top in marble "Era glaciale".

Meret Details
Meret 1

MERET central table
Etro Home Interiors

Nothing is like it seems in Etro Home Interior collection. A sober, elegant table in smoked eucalyptus frisé hides two extensions upholstered with typical Etro Home Interior’s fabrics. A piece of furniture which reinterprets Etro’s elegance and spirit of innovation with an extravagant and playful twist.

Structure in multi-layer wood covered with smoked eucalyptus frisé wood. Details in polished or bronzed brass. Internal tops upholstered with fabric from Etro Home Interiors collection and covered with extraclear bevelled glass.

Venny Details
Venny 2

VENNY coffee tables
JCP Universe

Venny coffee tables are sculptures with a double function, characterized by extravagant colors. They suggest, with their surfaces at different heights and with their circular openings, innovative and extraterrestrial forms, landing in the domestic space as wonder-objects.

Polished gold finish metal structure with top surfaces in special decorative mirror.