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Salone Milano 2018

An overview on the new collections of this year!

Jc Medium


Oriental suggestions and naturalistic inspirations meet in the scenographic and sophisticated collection of this year. A direct reference to the Far East, a world that is source of inspiration in the formal design, made of clean, elegant and essential lines, broken only by the discreet presence of oriental decorations, such as stylized bamboo, herons and peach blossoms. At the entrance of stand, an exhibition with the bronze sculptures of the Japanese artist Kyoji Nagatani welcomes the visitor in an evocative, rarefied universe where art and design, East and West coexist influencing each other.

Rc Medium


Sparkling shades of citron are the protagonists of the tropical, lush setting revisited in a glam-chic key. The new banana leaf print and the new animalier patterns, lynx and zebra, meet the naturalistic-inspired metalworks of the handles and decorative elements that enrich lamps and tables. Seventies inspirations can be found in the use of plexiglass and patent leather creating a sensual and glamour mix perfectly embedding the spirit of the brand Roberto Cavalli.

Ferré Medium


Combining evocative inspirations from the Scottish Highlands and the spirit of British golf clubs, the scenographic proposal talks to the deepest DNA of the brand while at the same time recalling the latest fashion trends. The use of tartan as primary upholstery material becomes the fil rouge that unifies the different pieces of the collection, together with the warm presence of wood on the walls and ground. At the entrance, a scenographic display with an iconic sofa dressed up with five different Scottish upholstery.

Etro Medium


Nomadic spirit and air of travel for the new Etro Home Interior Collection. Natural continuation of Etro Fashion, it perfectly embodies the refinement, creativity and vibrant sense of colour which has always characterized the brand. Declined in four different narrations expressing the eclecticism of the brand, the collection features an iconic piece, the Babel armchair, inspired by travels in India and Western Asia, in which the power of the symbolic language is expressed through the masterful use of fabrics and of the brand’s quintessential pattern, the Paisley.

Jcp Medium


With the exhibition at Salone del Mobile 2018 JCP introduces in its universe a star in the world of design: the maestra of light Nanda Vigo. Her collection of lamps SUN-RA will be showcased with the works of Matteo Cibic, Samer Alameen and Richard Yasmine. The artistic direction is assigned for the third year to CTRLZAK, orchestrating an exhibition conceived as a metaphysical theatre, Odeum. In a play of light and shadow the visitor will be transported in a brand-new world, where every object transforms itself, revealing new forms and unexpected surprises.